NEW YEAR CARDS年賀状  Ongoing series.  New design annually adhering to Japanese calendar years.  NEW :Year of the BOAR 2019, now available for immediate delivery.

Order-made card commissions also accepted, price includes card printing and/or purchase of original artwork. 

Visit for Lennie Mace's ticker-tape scroll showing more original artwork unavailable as reproductions.

Nezumi Doshi  子年

Minnie Mace  Year of the MOUSE (2020, above)  

Verso, art credit:

2019 (112919) Tokyo  

7.5 x 8'' (18 x 19cm)  Ballpoint pen on card stock ​

Inu Doshi  戌年

Dog Chasing Tail 

Year of the DOG (2018, right)

Verso, art credit:

2017 (Nov) Tokyo

5.75 x 8.25'' (14.5 x 21cm)

Ballpoint pen on paper

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Umma Doshi  午年

Balloon Horse 

Year of the HORSE  (2014)  

Verso, art credit:

112613 (Tokyo)  8'' x 5'' (21 x 13cm) 

Ballpoint pen on paper ​

Inoshishi Doshi  亥年

Popeye Boar

Year of the BOAR (2019, right)

Verso, art credit:

2018 (Nov, 111118) Tokyo

2 x 2.5'' (5 x 6cm)

Ballpoint pen on card stock 

Tori Doshi  酉年

¥10K Hō-Ō Phoenix

Year of the ROOSTER  (2017, below)

Verso, art credit:

111116 (Tokyo)  9'' x 12'' (23 x 31cm)  Ballpoint pen on paper

Hitsuji Doshi  未年

Year of the GOAT 1  (2015, near right)

Verso, art credit:

2006 (Tokyo)  4'' x 8'' (10 x 20cm)

Ballpoint pen on paper

Year of the GOAT 2  (2015, below)
Verso, art credit:
083010 (Tokyo)  14 x 24 cm
Ballpoint pen on paper

 TWO designs.

The first card of the series to be published as two designs, as per suggestion of customers:

A "conventional" design

and a "funky" design.​

New Year Cards

Available in packs of

10, 22, 35 & 50 cards

10 cards:  $10USD ・1000

22 cards:  $20USD ・2000

35 cards:  $30USD ・3000

50 cards:  $40USD ・4000

*With minimum purchase 

  $1.50200 USD per card

*Plus shipping & handling fee


​​Hebi Doshi  巳年

Diamondhead Double Header

Year of the SNAKE  (2013, left) 

Verso, art credit: 

121212 (Tokyo)  9'' x 7'' (23 x 18cm) 

Ballpoint pen on paper 

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Usagi Doshi  卯年

Hoppy New Year / Rabbit Ears

Year of the RABBIT  (2011, below)

* First of the series

Verso, art credit:

083010 (Tokyo)  14 x 24 cm

Ballpoint pen on paper is a POINTS EAST  production. All content copyright © Lennie Mace/THE LAB.

Saru Doshi  申年

Hear No See No Speak No Evil

Year of the MONKEY  (2016)

Verso, art credit:

112515 (Tokyo)  11'' x 4'' (28 x 10cm)

Ballpoint pen on paper

NEW  for 2020 : Year of the MOUSE 子年  Cards now available for delivery, on-time for New Year mailing


Tatsu Doshi  辰年

Year of the DRAGON  (2012, right)

Verso, art credit:

2006 (Tokyo)  4'' x 8'' (10 x 20cm)

Ballpoint pen on paper

The only card thus far published from

pre-existing artwork, drawn in 2006 for

printing onto bluejeans.

Minimum order $10.US total purchase・Any combination of goods 

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