Ongoing series, new design annually

adheres to Chinese calendar years 

Pictured, top to bottom :

Hear No See No Speak No Evil

Year of the Monkey  2016

Goat Gal

Year of the Goat  2015

Hoppy New Year

Year of the Rabbit   2011

Tatsu Doshi 

Year of the Dragon  2012

Diamondhead Double Header   

Year of the Snake  2013

Balloon Horse 

Year of the Horse  2014


TV14  (Ad-Lib  series)

Exhibition:  Rakugaku 2001

October 2001, Tokyo

Verso, art credit:

SEP 06 2001 (NYC)  11 x 15cm

Ballpoint pen on postcard

(Shiawase / )
Exhibition: HAPPYness
October 2003, Tokyo

Verso, art credit:
091703 (Tokyo)  sized
Kanji design series.
Ballpoint pen on m'zine ad​

​​​​*Minimum order $10.US total 

*Any combination of goods 

*All  general-select  cards

sold as  12  single cards toward

$10 / 1000  minimum purchase.

Please submit all orders to


POSTCARD 1:  The general-select cards shown below are sold as singles as long as the total purchase minimum has been met: $10 USD / ¥1000 for your choice of 12 cards,

$1.50 USD per card thereafter.  Please note: cards shown within white-bordered boxes are available at PAIR or SET prices as noted.  All general-select cards shown below are available as one complete SET: 22 cards, $20.00 USD / ¥2000 +tax/handling.  It's not as complicated as it may sound: contact us and we will surely customize a friendly deal.  

​​PLAY PENcard pair


(Pedaling Ponytail Pretty)

Exhibition: PLAY PEN

March 2011, Tokyo

Verso, art credit:

012411 (Tokyo)

9'' x 12'' (24 x 31cm)

Ballpoint pen on wood

Cherry Blossom Slide

(Sakura Suberidai)


PLAY PEN 2  Sept 2011, Tokyo


PEN PAL Oct 2012, San Francisco

Verso, art credit:

08/11 (Tokyo)

10.5'' x 16'' (27 x 37.7cm)

Ballpoint pen on paper

Both cards: PLAYPEN  series 2011

$1.50USD single



Exhibition: Portraits Plus

October 2010, Tokyo.

Verso, art credit:

061510 (Tokyo)  18 x 26 cm

Ballpoint pen on wood.

*Full-color photorealist-type

PET portrait sample

Imagine Nation  card pair

Hanae (Bijin 1)  

Exhibition: Imagine Nation  

August 2006, Tokyo.

Verso, art credit: 

2005 (Tokyo)  21 x 30 cm  

Ballpoint pen on paper. 

*Mono-color photorealist-type

portrait sample  

Lovebird Kiss     

Exhibition: Imagine Nation 

August 2006, Tokyo.

Verso, art credit: 

2006 (Tokyo)  26 x 66 cm  

Ballpoint pen on denim.  

Denim Scroll series.

Both cards: pre-printed exhib' info 

$1.50 USD150(as singles )
USD200(as PAIR )

365DAZE  card pair

Neckwatch 5


365DAZESan Francisco

4/17—5/29 1999

Verso, art credit:

8/4/98 (NYC)  9 x 6''

Ballpoint on magazine ad

Going for the Gold


365DAZE Los Angeles

June 1999

Verso, art credit:

2/26/98 (NJ)  7 x 10''

Ballpoint on m'zine page

Both cards, verso:

Pre-printed exhibition info

as singles


Exhibition: Ball Pen Live 

5/28—6/29 2007, Tokyo

Verso, art credit:

12/06 (USA)  21 x 28 cm  

Ballpoint pen on paper

*Full-color, caricature-type

PET portrait sample

Riyu Bunny     

Exhibition: Made In Japan 

November 2007, Chicago

Verso, art credit:

062505 (Tokyo)  25 x 36 cm  

Ballpoint pen on paper

*Mono-color, photorealist-type

portrait sample

*All  general-select  cards 
sold as  
12  single cards toward
1000  minimum purchase.

Samurai Saru

Exhibition: Person Place Thing 

4/3—6/4 2006, Tokyo.

Verso, art credit: 

010606 (USA)  

12'' x 17'' 

Ballpoint pen

on paper.  

Tattoo design

pictured )  


Uchuu Neko Parade 

(Alien Cat  Parade)
Strictly promotional card 
Verso, art credit: 
2005, Tokyo 
130 x 92 cm 
Ballpoint & hardware 
on paper.

Pray Relax Escape
(Uchuu Neko  detail)


SHINSAKU (New Works) 

November 2004, Tokyo  

Verso, art credit: 

2004—2005 (Tokyo)   

Ballpoint & hardware on paper 

work-in-progress at time of print 

as singles




Non-ballpointcard pair

large-scale commissioned artworks

Eye Candy     

Exhibition: AI CANDY 

7/24—10/10 2005, Tokyo 

Verso, art credit: 

2004 (Tokyo)   4' x 6' 

Collage: torn magazine pages 

& hardware on panel.

Womannequin No. 2
Exhibition:  Int'l Design Grand Prix 
2004, Tokyo 
Life-sized bust 
Mixed-media fabrication:
plaster, paint, hardware+

as singles

Bull Fight


Ballpoint Pen Masterpieces 

November 1991, New York City.

Verso, art credit:

January 1991 (NYC) 

12'' x 17''  Ballpoint pen on paper

A Perfect Lutz, A Total Klutz  


Old New Borrowed Blue 

May 1994, New York City.

Verso, art credit:

"Cover Lines: Nancy"

May 10 1994 (NYC) 

10'' x 14''  

Ballpoint pen on newspaper

(Media Graffiti  sub-series Cover Lines

drawn on newspaper covers) 

​please submit all orders & direct all correspondence to

​please submit all orders & direct all correspondence to

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