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exhibition poster  Imagine Nation想國

Exhibition: August 2006, Tokyo (Isetan department store, Shinjuku)

Art credit:イナバウアー」(Ina Bauer )

2006 (Tokyo)・38 x 65 cm (25.5 x 14.5 inch)・ballpoint pen on paper

As noted in fine print Japanese on the poster,  Ina Bauer  was drawn while watching 2006 Winter Olympics figure skating broadcast from Turin, Italy.

The title  Ina Bauer  refers to the figure skating pose pictured, inspired by the signature pose of  Arakawa Shizuka, Japan's 2006 gold medal-winning skater.
Drawing was completed within two hours late the night of February 24, 2006.

The artist has since begun embellishing upon the original drawing.

The combination and pronunciation  (Soh-Koku, そうこく) of kanji characters used to write  ''Imagine Nation'' in Japanese (想國) does not exist, and is an original creation by Lennie Mace for the purpose of properly translating the English title.

$100 USD10,000 +tax/shippingsigned/numberedvery limited number

POSTERS, PRINTS & PERIODICALS.   Exhibition posters, Iris Giclee prints, Cover Art & Illustrations as originally published 1988 ~ 2015.

Minimum order $10 USD total purchase, ANY COMBINATION OF GOODS.

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​​​New York Press original printings

These illustrations & comics were usually completed over a weekend, almost weekly between 1989-1993; job received Thursday, sketches green-lit Friday, finished art submitted Monday, in NYP's ubiquitous street-corner green boxes Wednesday. Mace then came along grabbing hands full for posterity.

     Mace considers these ''prints'' as valid as lithography printing. Recent interest from collectors in Japan led Mace to start signing, numbering and dry-mounting the printed publications and making them publicly available.

Everyday is a New Year  (above)

December 21, 1994

The Drowning Pool  (left) 

March 28, 1993

Beyond The Bridge  (right)

January 2, 1994 

Signed/numbered & dry-mounted.

$20 USD2,000  +tax/shipping

Limited availability.

More to be made available

​​​A Show for Noriko Iris Giclee  print (right )

12 x 18'' (page), edition of 50, signed/numbered

Art: Feb Mar 00, E108 (New York) 12 x 18'' (23 x 18cm)

Ballpoint pen on Iris Giclee print (ballerina)

print SOLD OUT   $400 USD  ¥40,000


​​​​Imagine Nation  exhibition poster  FRAMED

Lennie Mace began creating frames such as this (above) in the mid '00s for display purposes only, usually to hold price lists or other information during exhibitions. Customers began requesting them, so Mace began making the frames an option of art/print sales.

Wood & hardware, acrylic with wood backing.

$180 USD18,000  (incl. poster) +tax/shipping​​ 

Minimum order $10 USD total purchase, any combination of goods

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